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Money Worries

Have you lost your job? Can't get out to work? Were you self employed? Supported by someone else who is no longer able to work?
For many people these are really worrying times - times of uncertainty and fear about both the immediate and the future.

Sadly we don't have a magic pot of money that we can send experiencing these big concerns - but we can point you to two things that will help. 
  • The help and advice that the Bible has about your situation and worries.
  • The UK governments advice about how they may be able to help
Jesus' closest followers weren't rich but when they saw a man in great need they said this, "I don’t have any silver or gold for you. But I’ll give you what I have". Like the people in the story we don't have money to give away but we can still really help you. Whether we have money or not we all need to realise that life isn't about what we possess. Understanding this truth can take away the pain of not having much or losing the things that we thought were really important. 

Our culture focuses so much on status and possessions - on having the best, the fastest and the latest, but even people who have all this discover that life can still be meaningless, lonely, sad and depressing. God designed us to have him as a focus and not things as our main focus. Following Jesus enables us to be content in all circumstances, both with little or with plenty.

We are very happy to chat with you about what it means to follow Jesus and help you find peace in this worrying time.

If you would prefer to read some things before coming to chat with us then take a look at our Finding Peace page or maybe you would prefer to have a look at our free App.

The UK government has put things in place to help the majority of people going through financial struggles due to this crisis. Please try these links...

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