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Losing someone we love is one of the most painful experiences of life. 

Grief is a very natural response to pain and loss - there is nothing wrong with grieving. Grief is an important part of being human but it is also temporary and will come to an end as time passes and things begin to settle again. Everything won't be the same as before because there is still a loss in our life, but you will settle into a new normal where you can live life again.

It is good and healthy to talk to God about our sadness and our grief. We don't have to use special words or set prayers to speak to God - we can simply talk to him from our heart, he understands even the things you don't know how to express.

We all go through our own grieving experience but there are some common things that many people go through: Shock - Numbness - Waves of intense sadness - Painful memories. This is all quite normal and you may well find yourself repeating many of these for a while - but a new normal will gradually occur. 

It is also normal for grief to make us think about the big picture of what life is really meant to be about and what happens to someone after they die. We are here to chat with you about these things and to help you feel more full of hope and purpose, and to pray for you if that is something you would like.

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