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Finding Peace

As we travel through this coronavirus crisis it can be easy to feel that everything that we have relied upon for our sense of stability and peace has already come crashing down around us or is feeling very fragile and precarious.

If our peace and purpose is based on what happens here and now - then when things are out of our control, like they are now, we have no peace because there is no reason to have peace. However, it is possible to find peace in this crisis by lifting our eyes and realising that we are not just physical creatures but we are also designed to know God and be known and loved by God. 

Many people struggle with finding peace because they look for it in the wrong place.

No God - No Peace
Know God - Know Peace

To find peace in this crisis we need to make peace with God. To make peace with God we need to put our confidence and trust in the one He sent to help us - Jesus.

Why do we need help?

The Bible and our own experience tells us that we all do, think and say bad things - things that God doesn't want us to do, and because of those things our relationship with God is broken, there is a barrier between us and so we won't go to heaven when we die.

God can't just ignore the bad we do because he is holy and just - and justice is needed. The punishment we deserve is hell when we die, but God made us to know him and be his friend and so he doesn't want us to all go there! So instead of giving us all what we deserve he has made a way for us to escape...

Jesus, God the son, came down to this earth to rescue us by taking our punishment in our place - He was punished on the cross so that we could be forgiven and go free. Three days after Jesus was punished and died, he came alive again because He was innocent and had never done anything wrong.

What do we need to do?

All we now need to do to know God as a friend and to know His forgiveness is be sorry for being bad and living to please ourselves, turn around and walk towards God, believing that Jesus loved us so much that he took the punishment we deserve.

If we really believe and trust Jesus did that for us we will be so grateful that we will want to follow Him - want to live our life to put Him first in our plans and decisions.

Take a look at our 3 minute video to understand more.

A great first step is to talk to God and tell him you are sorry for doing bad things and living to please yourself and not him. Thank Jesus that he died for you so you can be forgiven. Tell him that you want to put him in charge of your life now and live for him.

The next important step is to get to know Jesus better by reading about him in the Bible, our free meetJ app will help you to do this.

It would be great to chat with you about how to find peace at this time. 

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