Coronavirus Support

Feeling Unwell

We have a dedicated page on our website for finding medical help and advice about the coronavirus, so please take a look here first, before reading below for some spiritual help and advice.

When we are feeling unwell we can feel very helpless and vulnerable which is why it is important to get good medical advice. 

When we think we may have caught the coronavirus we can start to feel very afraid that we will be one of those who may end up needing help from the hospital, it is important to monitor your symptoms and follow the NHS advice but at the same time as doing that there are things we can do to help us feel more peace and hope.

The Bible tells us that even when we are going through a hard and scary time it is possible to know peace in our hearts if we put our trust in Jesus. God doesn't promise that we will all get magically better but he does promise that we can all know his peace if we believe and trust in Jesus.  It would be great to chat with you about things that will help you to feel more full of hope and purpose, and peace and pray for you if that is something you would like.

If you would prefer to read more about Jesus and not chat at this time then we have a free app and website called meetJ that will help you find out more about him and enable you to meet Jesus for yourself so you can know His peace at this difficult time.

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